Read her story below...

My daughter in law introduced me to Fit5 Studio… on a lark, really. I hadn’t talked with her about my fitness challenges or frustrations… she just mentioned her “Megaformer class” and invited me to come along. I knew I was in for something different when I walked in the door and saw the machines… 


A gymnast in my youth… and a woman committed to fitness most of my life, entering my mid-to late 40s was an eye-opener to be sure! Nothing seemed to work anymore. I had accepted that the super lean physique of my 20s and 30s was likely gone forever, but I still had reasonable goals and with every year the goal seemed further and further away.


This routine is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I swear it tasks every single muscle in my body… without a single impact. After my first session, I set an entirely new goal: get through one full 45 minute class without stopping! Even though I was more sore than I’ve ever been after that first class… the soreness, especially in my core, hooked me. I had to try it again… and again. It took me a month to build up to three days per week… and the results, even that early, were starting to show… both from the outside and from the inside. I could already feel myself getting stronger.  


I started in December, 2017. As I write this 5 months later, I am still not certain with every class whether or not I will be able to do the whole thing… every exercise… all the way through… and there are still quite a few days when I can’t. My present goal: 4 days per week and do the whole thing! 


Now, at 54 years old after 5 months of the Lagree Method at Fit5 Studio with Sora, I have strength in my core I’ve never experienced… and I am half an inch taller. My muscle tone is remarkable… I have definition I haven’t seen in over a decade. Am I hooked? Most definitely. Sora’s energy and approach to teaching this method is infectious… motivating and disciplined. She works the whole room to its limit… and presses each of us individually… and there’s a lot of individuality in these classes believe me! You’ll find women and men across the spectrum of age. This is truly something that will work for anyone… just be prepared to be challenged!


I am so very grateful to have found this.  I finally know for sure that I can stay strong and fit, without injuring myself, as long as I am able.


Tracey Ryk


Read her story below...

I first learned about Fit5 Studio through a girlfriend who couldn't stop raving about this megaformer class. I thought I should try a class to see what it was like and from then on I have been hooked!


As a mom to two young girls, I'm a true believer that you have to take the time to focus on your physical and mental health to be an even better mom. I typically attend the 6am class, which energizes me to get through my day of work, raising kids, maintaining a household and all those other things, we as women do!


I've gained so much strength, especially in my core, and endurance since starting this workout. Sora pushes my limits every class and gives me the motivation that I can make it through any challenge she gives me! I've noticed a huge difference in my fitness level through other activities, like hiking, skiing, Barre and spin class. As well as carrying a toddler who insists on being held throughout the grocery store or on walks.


I'm so happy I found this class, and Sora, to push my fitness level like never before. This class has truly changed my body and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tough workout!

Kelsey Miles

Kelsey Miles


Runner’s World magazine says Lagree is one of the fitness classes all runners should take!

Running is an excellent exercise, offering a number of great health benefits. Contrary to popular belief, running is not bad for your knees. Matter of fact, running actually increases bone mass and helps prevent bone loss from aging. (source)

Running does not ruin your joints or cause arthritis — but it is a high-impact exercise, and if you already have joint problems or a history of arthritis in your family, it can cause more pain, so it’s important to incorporate some low-impact exercise into your regimen to give your joints a break.

Overtraining, running while injured, and not allowing your body to have enough rest days can really hamper your progress and damage your body. That’s why it’s important to cross-train. Cross training builds strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t utilize and allows your body to rest from the high impact of hitting the pavement.

According to Everyday Health:

“Running is a high-level physical activity, so your back, abs, and legs need to be strong,” says [Dr. Karen] Morice. That’s why building good core strength is essential for all — but especially serious — runners. The stronger your muscles, the less impact on your joints. You’ll also decrease the likelihood of injury, experts say.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, weightlifter, basketball player, you name it — it’s wise to broaden your horizons and vary your workouts from time to time. This helps strengthen muscles your sport doesn’t target, prevents overuse on certain muscles and joints, and also helps stave off boredom and plateaus.


Runner’s World, far and away the nation’s most widely circulated publication for runners (source) recently published an article about the 10 best fitness classes for runners. We are happy to report that Lagree Fitness was one of those listed! Here are the others:

  • CrossFit
  • TRX
  • Pilates
  • Spin
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Treadmill
  • Rowing

Here’s what Runner’s World had to say about Lagree fitness classes:

Sort of like a Pilates Reformer on steroids, the Megaformer is a piece of fitness equipment that allows athletes to improve their cardiovascular capacity as well as their muscular strength and endurance. Every session is designed to work you hard through the use of slow, controlled movements that constantly challenge your entire body, especially your core musculature—with zero rest. “The biggest benefit here would be core work for sure,” Donavanik says. “The stronger your core, the more controlled you’ll be while running.”

We certainly agree, and believe that Lagree fitness is the best cross training for runners! Give it a try — we think you’ll (L)agree!

FIT5 STUDIO CLIENT SPOTLIGHT our beautiful Bride-To-Be Wendy Muller!

Read her story below ...

Fit5 Studio and the Megaformer has changed my life and I can’t stop talking about it – simply put…..I am in love. There is some truth to hitting your 40’s and feeling “it” physically. I used to wake up daily with back pain – often creeping around slower than I like for an hour after waking. Most people would describe me as “fit” but I could feel myself losing flexibility and core strength despite riding my bike, running the trails and lifting weights on a regular basis.  Since incorporating the Megaformer workout into my exercise regimen weekly I am stronger than I have ever been in my life and I have seen a dramatic increase in my flexibility and overall endurance. My core strength alone is unbelievably different. My ability to hold a plank, complete tough core exercises and do plank to pike has improved ten-fold. Outside of class I feel the strength every day doing normal life things and the best part is I feel zero pain when getting out of bed in the morning. It’s a wonderful thing! Plus, I can see the difference when I look in the mirror and for 47 years old that too is a wonderful thing!


I won’t lie, the Megaformer workout is hard, but a “good” hard. Early on I would get anxious prior to coming to class but after a few sessions I could feel myself getting stronger and that anxiety turned into excitement to see how far I could push myself. Sora serves as aninspirational motivator who pushes you to achieve things on the Megaformer that in the moment you think you cannot do but are happy you did when complete.  Her passion is contagious and I am so grateful for her bringing this innovative and challenging workout to Northern Colorado. 


My kids tease me that the loves in my life are them, my husband-to-be and the Megaformer. ;-) I encourage you to try it, you too may fall in love. 

Wendy Muller


Read his story below...

At 47, I have enjoyed a lot of fun hobbies through out my years. Soccer, tennis, backpacking and cycling are a few, however my true passion is in backcountry skiing. Unfortunately I experienced a catastrophic knee injury at age 44 and it was a short time after this I found Pilates as a rehabilitation measure. This worked out perfectly for me and soon after I gained strength and confidence back and began to pursue my outdoor interest again.

But something was missing in my strength training program. This past spring my wife persuaded me to try the Lagree Fitness Method at Fit5 Studio with Sora in Fort Collins.

The first weeks were very difficult for me. However, Sora made this introduction period safe, supportive and motivating. The slow and controlled movements on the Megaformer gave me confidence to push myself as hard as I can, past my limits without feeling jeopardy of injury. By week 4 I was training twice a week and at month 2, I was was training 3 times a week. I've now begun to train 4 times a week but I am not sure how this will work out for me. It might be too much...

The results have been drastic for me. My lower back pain has subsided and my core strength has improved my posture and overall wellbeing. I've have lost about 5 pounds in weight. I feel stronger on the bike, on my skies and on the court. I ended my gym membership to commit to Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer as my go to strength regimen.

At, 47, I am stronger and feeling better than in years and I am grateful that Fort Collins has Sora and Fit5 Studio to provide the Lagree Fitness Method. I encourage anyone to experience this fitness program who is looking for real and positive results. Thank you Sora.




Read Karen's story...

I read about Sora and the Fit 5 studio in the local news sometime in mid November. I was intrigued because I took Pilates reformer classes when I lived in Atlanta; my core got stronger in Pilates but I thought that there had to be more for my arms and legs and cardio. I found that in Fit 5 with Sora and the Lagree Megaformer.


When I read about Fit 5, I had it on my calendar to call Sora and take a few classes to see if I liked it. Just before I did that though, on Thanksgiving I unexpectedly had a heart attack. The doctors still don’t know why it happened; I didn’t have risk factors for a heart attack. When I started my cardiac rehab a few weeks later to heal my heart damage, I booked a private session with Sora. Immediately, by the time the hour was up, I knew that Fit 5 would become a big part of my cardiac recovery. I’ve been doing a workout three times a week since early January and I am amazed at how much strength and endurance I’ve gained. I’m also more flexible and my core workout is just what I would have hoped for. And, I definitely get a cardio blast from Fit 5.


Sora is an awesome instructor/coach. She takes care with each person to make sure they are doing the exercises with correct form and she knows just how to push each of us to do our best. I’ve been to classes at all times of the day and each one has been full of energy and fun. I leave there tired and satisfied that I have really done something good for myself. 


I used to be a long distance runner but, at 59, my knees just won’t cooperate. I love that Fit 5 is a big part my cardio and strength training all at once. Pretty soon I’ll be able to do a full plank to pike. I’m almost there!

Our MEGA Strong Karen at FIT5 Studio



Read Kennan's story...

I can thank my dear friend Trista for introducing me to the megaformer while visiting her in Chicago. She teaches at studio lagree, I had taken her Barre classes before and figured this would be similar. She said not to worry, it's not going to be that hard... well she was lying;) For 50 minutes I thought there was no way I was going to make it through this work out... I have never sweat this much in a group fitness class.
After barely being able to walk two days after taking this class because I was so sore, I came home to Fort Collins and researched the Lagree method and found Sora at Fit5 Studio. It happened to be her opening week, jumped right in and signed up for 3 months. I am so addicted!! I now take class 5 times a week and find myself constantly challenging myself to push myself to the limit.

I come from a dance and fitness background. I love to push myself to see what my body can do. This class has changed my body more than any other work out I have tried. I still teach my own hip-hop fitness classes 2 to 3 times a week in addition to Sora's class.  It's the perfect full body workout to add to the workout regimen. I would recommend this class over and again to anyone who it motivated to transform your body and become the strongest version of yourself.

Sora is soo motivating and really helps to make sure I am doing all of the positions safely, while not letting me off easy. Her classes never get easier, in fact I leave most days feeling like it was the hardest class yet. She does a great job of changing the class up every day so it's something new and different each time.

MEGA FIT5 BABE Kennan Razey


New Year, New YOU!


The New Year has officially arrived, and so that means we should reflect on the past year and the years before and make some changes to become kinder, healthier, happier and more balanced! Whether you are giving your lifestyle a total makeover or just tweaking some of your bad habits, start with believing in yourself!


My past years have been quite a rollercoaster ride, I have moved overseas and within the state and taken the leap of faith in me and my dream to open my first and very own Lagree Fitness Studio called FIT5 Studio in Fort Collins, CO. This Studio venture has caused tremendous stress on my family and myself, but I know in the end it was all worthwhile, I have put sweat and shed tears, but in the long run this is what I was meant to do, I so truly believe in this versatile and unique exercise method and I feel so much passion and meaning each and every time I teach. I can’t thank my husband Richard Gagne enough, to have invested in me and my dreams, without you nothing would have been possible!


Here are some great tips for you to follow, so you don’t end up with just good intentions, instead you create actual habits which keep you going!



1.  Be honest with yourself. What makes you happy? When were you most happy and what would you like to change within your body, yourself, your life etc. ? Do you wish to maintain a long lasting lifestyle?

Write down a list, put pictures together, create a motivation board for yourself and have fun with it!


2.  Be kind to yourself. Don’t expect changes from today to tomorrow, everything is a process! Embrace and recognize each step at a time, we must put one foot in front of the other! There is no perfection! We can only seek to become better, strive for progress in each and every day!


3.  Partner up with a friend or a group! Join a group class like FIT5 Studio and get motivated and inspired by others and with others. Do something new and so different, learn to love where you are at and embrace every single second!


4.  Don’t diet, start to understand and make eating healthy everyday a lifestyle you live by. Understand and research which ingredients are most beneficial to fuel your body.

Skip processed foods and invest time in actually preparing everything from scratch, you don’t need to be professional chef and it does not need to cost you a fortune, nor do you need to spend an incredible amount of time!


This Year 2017 - Be and feel confident in who you are and shine inside and out and you will be contagious and shine bright and beautiful like a star!

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!


Sending Love and Light,

xoxo Sora








Live, Love, Sweat and Lagree!

Fit5 Studio Coming Soon: Live, Love, Sweat and Lagree

Sora Gagne, Founder of Fit5 Studio featuring the Lagree Method

I love sharing my fitness tips along with healthy and yummy recipes… whether I am spending time with my two beautiful children, traveling, practicing and teaching or cooking dinner for friends and family, I strive to make each and every day my best day. I am truly blessed to have found a career in a field that I truly love and cherish, I take pride in what I do, I feel this is what I was meant to do, it was my calling to help and inspire others to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, to transform the bodies and minds of others and to spread the love!


I was born in Berlin, Germany, a melting pot of different cultures, philosophies and foods. Being half Korean and growing up with my mothers Korean cooking allowed me to enjoy a variety of different foods. I started cooking at an early age, my dad’s tendency to more Mediterranean cooking influenced me and diversified the way I grew up and approached food in general. Meals in my house are never boring, they are fresh, colorful and almost always homemade, I try to be the best example for my Family and live by what I preach!


After I met my husband in the Dominican Republic and moved to the USA, I realized my passion was in fitness and health, my mind was set to go apprentice in a Pilates School, but  found out I was pregnant with my first child and we moved, my plan was put on hold.

I got my Real Estate license instead, while pregnant and worked in the industry for a while. I never lost touch of exercising and staying active and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, that was the only way for me to bounce back into my pre-pregnancy figure.

Once my second child was born, I actually knew, now was the time to focus on my initial and actual passion, to inspire others to be their best version!

I got certified as a Pilates Instructor with BASI and as a Barre Fitness Instructor, I became a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist through NESTA and started Body by Sora.

 I taught privates, semi-privates and group classes, in addition I offered a Personal Chef service to help others understand what healthy eating everyday actually meant!


But when I discovered the Lagree Method on the Megaformer I fell in Love at first sweat, I was sooooooo sore for days, but it felt so so good, I reached all the muscles in every possible way I could!

The men behind the Megaformer and the Lagree Method is Sebastien Lagree, the inventor and creator of this state of the art Method and Megaformer machine.

I knew it was not my last Lagree Method class on the Megaformer.

I saw results in my body pretty much immediately and I got hooked, no wonder everybody in Hollywood is doing it, even the First Lady. This method changed my life and I had to become an instructor for the Lagree Method. I felt Lagree complimented what I taught before, but added a challenge, intensity and effectiveness which I didn’t know was possible!

I can honestly say that my body in my late thirty’s after two children and a husband is better than in my twenties. I am more defined and toned, my core is stronger then ever before and I bet Lagree has something to do with it!

I taught at BOCO Fit in Boulder, now we have relocated to Fort Collins and are ready to open doors this early Fall!


I had to spread my love for this Method, that’s how Fit5 came to together!

Fit5 Studio brings the Lagree Fitness Phenomenon and the Megaformer to Fort Collins, CO! All 5 Elements of Fitness (Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Body Composition and Flexibility) in each and every move & in 50 minutes in 1 Workout! Fall in love with the Method, it's absolutely addictive and your Body will thank you! Coming this Fall 2016 to Fort Collins, CO.

The Lagree Method is low impact, high intensity, total body strength- training program designed to tone and sculpt muscles without bulking you up. Each move is performed slow and controlled on the Megaformer, a machine with a center carriage and platforms on each end with variable spring loads for resistance and counter resistance. The machine offers an infinite number of exercises to never find boredom nor to plateau. This Method challenges you each and every time, your mind power and body focus is challenged to the extreme. You stimulate the muscles until they quiver and shake and then you stay in it just a touch longer and go a little lower! Your heart rate is pumping, you stay in the tension zone the entire time, key is to never leave your tension zone, very fast and quick transition, no rest time in between each exercise for most effective stimulation and after burn for many more hours after class is over.

This Method is not just for the Hollywood Celebrity and Athlete, it is also approachable for you, in our small boutique studio setting, we will offer small group classes for a maximum of 10 clients at a time. This Method is for men, women, young and old, the cross-fit bad ass, the runner and the yogi, everyone of you will get something out of this workout and every single one is always able to improve and raise your bar!

I hope this got you excited,

You have what it takes, but it will take all you have!


Please like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we will be putting our website together soon!

FIT5 Studio will be located in ARBOR PLAZA

4637 S Mason St Unit A1 Fort Collins, CO 80525

Stay tuned…we will be offering Pre-Opening Memberships, Class discounts and much more.


Live, Love, Sweat and Lagree … xo Sora